The holidays in 2020. What does that even look like?

Did all of your holiday parties turn into virtual Zoom parties, too? Enter 2020 and the virtual holiday party!

If so, you’ll need a fun way to still be able to celebrate with all of your favorite people.

virtual holiday party cocktails and mocktails. pink cocktail with blood orange and rosemary as garnish

Have you ever been in a Zoom call where it’s just silent and you feel awkward?

No? Just me?

Well for those of you out there who’ve felt that awkward feeling, I just wanted to give you this list of fun ways to get your friends and family members interacting on Zoom.

Virtual Holiday Party Games & Contests

Here are just a few ideas that should help you kick off your virtual holiday party:

  • An ugly holiday sweater contest! (Mine is pretty good so you better bring your A-game!)
  • Create a holiday-themed virtual Zoom Background (You can do this with Photoshop or Canva!)
  • Decorate your actual house and use that space while you’re on the call!
  • Have a holiday cocktail (or mocktail) party! The curated list below will help with this!

Below you’ll find a curated list of 20-holiday cocktails and mocktails. In 2020, we’re all already accustomed to gathering virtually on Zoom or Google Meet so in order to fully prepare for your virtual holiday party Cocktails and Mocktails you’ll want to make sure to share this post with everyone invited!

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Let’s get down to business!

Here are 20 recipes for you and your crew to choose from. We have everything here, my friends!

Fancy sparkling drinks, scotch on the rocks, and even a few mocktails!

There is truly something for everyone!

Holiday Cocktails and Mocktails

Boozy Holiday Cocktails 

Holiday Mocktails