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Blueberry Earl Grey Granita

There’s nothing like a frozen treat in March with snow still blanketing the ground and a chill still in the air. I can’t help but keep wishing for warmer weather, sunshine, and popsicles, or in this case, a Blueberry Earl Grey Granita. This infusion of tea, simple syrup, and blueberries became a beautifully crystallized granita …

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Cherry Lime Popsicles with Honey

I unofficially declare June popsicle month, considering I’ve already made 3 different flavors and it’s not even a week into June. First up: Cherry Lime Popsicles! They are sweet and very sour (in a good way!) You know what has been making these popsicle creations easier to make? OXO’s Fruit Tools. Seriously. How did I …

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